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A Ray of Hope End of Life Doula and Planning Services

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Kristy is an End of Life Doula and founder of A Ray of Hope and the Tri-State End of Life Doula Alliance. We are a community of End of Life Doulas who empower, educate and encourage people and their families to be involved in making decisions regarding life and death. 


 An End of Life Doula supports a person during the dying process. This support is specific to that person's needs, beliefs, and desires.  Death is a process that can span over months or even years rather than an event, and doulas can help with supporting and planning for the future, regardless of diagnosis or illness. 


Having a conversation or making a plan when you are healthy, is encouraged by doulas so that the care received at the end of life is appropriate and aligned with your wishes.


Services include, but are not limited to:


End of Life Planning Facilitator/Advance Care 

Mediation and Advocacy (honoring dying persons wishes)

Emotional Support & Vigiler

Education, Information & Resources

Respite Care for Family & Caregiver

Palliative Care for the Terminally Ill and Dying (non-medical)

Caregiver & Family Counseling

Home Death & Visitation


End of Life Celebration and Funeral Planning

Grief Counseling

End of Life Doula Training and Certification Program